A lullaby for solo piano,
inspired by Chopin's iconic Berceuse
and Benny Golson's I Remember Clifford.

A topsy-turvy yet touching musical about
a young girl coming to grips with loss
and the reality of growing up.

A set of Ukrainian love songs
for tenor, cello, and piano.
Poetry by Олександер Олесь.

Complete Works Listing:

Title Genre Year Description Additional details
The Dewey Decimal System chamber 2015 clarinet Dewey marimba narrator percussion spoken word voice
  • narrator
  • clarinet
  • marimba
The Country Wife art song 2013

A setting of Dana Gioia’s poem of the same name.

art song clarinet commission mezzo oboe piano soprano The Country Wife vocal voice voice & instruments
  • original: soprano, piano, and oboe
  • also arranged for: soprano, piano, and clarinet
When You Are Old and Grey choral 2006

A wistful setting for a cappella SATB choir of Yeats’s nostalgic poem.

a cappella choir chorus SATB WYAOAG SATB chorus, a cappella
Drunken Moon music drama 2006

Commissioned by PNME as part of its 30th Anniversary season, Drunken Moon is a companion piece — a Prologue, of sorts — for Arnold Schoenberg’s seminal masterpiece, Pierrot Lunaire.

cello clarinet commission duet flute music drama piano Pierrot solo violin vocal Pierrot ensemble & voices
  • soprano
  • bass-baritone
  • flute/piccolo
  • clarinet/bass clarinet
  • violin/viola
  • cello
  • piano
Tango instrumental 2006

A tango for piano trio, inspired by the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

cello commission piano piano trio salon music Tango DM violin violin, cello, and piano
Berceuse for Benjamin instrumental 2008

A lullaby for solo piano, inspired by Chopin’s iconic Berceuse and Benny Golson’s I Remember Clifford.

Berceuse For Benjamin Just Out of Reach Just Out of Reach Suite piano piano solo
Fairy Tale Ending musical theatre 2008

A topsy-turvy yet touching tale of a young girl coming to grips with loss and the reality of growing up.

Fairy Tale Ending musical voices & instruments
  • voices (solo & chorus)
  • piano/keyboard
  • bass (electric and acoustic)
  • percussion
Round 7:30 instrumental 2011

Musica Ricercata meets ’Round Midnight in this short imitative work for six winds.

clarinet flute Round 730 winds winds
  • two flutes
  • alto flute
  • two clarinets
  • bass clarinet
Poet’s Apology art song 1995

Settings of five short poem excerpts selected at random from the Rice University library bookshelf. For baritone voice and piano.

art song baritone piano voice baritone & piano
Fantasy Variations on a Theme by Charpentier instrumental 2009

A theme and variations, encompassing a wide variety of compositional styles.

cello commission Fantasy Variations piano violin two violins, cello & piano
Chaconne for unaccompanied violin instrumental 2001

A single-movement work for solo violin, inspired by Bach’s masterful Chaconne from the Partita in d minor.

Chaconne commission strings violin solo violin
Suite No. 1 instrumental 2004

Five movements for violin, inspired by the great Bach unaccompanied Suites and Sonatas.

commission violin violin (solo)
Wither’s Carol choral 2001

A festive new carol setting for choir and brass of a Yuletide poem by George Wither (1588–1667).

brass choir choral Christmas commission holiday horn SATB secular trombone trumpet tuba Wither's Carol choir & instruments
  • SATB choir
  • 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, horn, tuba
The Gray Cat & The Flounder concert 2015

Instrumental music, cartoons, songs, theatre, puppetry, and imagined ballet are quilted together into a narrative on life, loss, and love.

ballet baritone cello clarinet Dewey GCF marimba music drama piano trio puppets soprano video violin voice ensemble and voices
  • flute
  • clarinet / bass clarinet
  • violin
  • cello
  • percussion (vibes, marimba, glockenspiel, crotales, triangles, wind chimes, finger cymbals, hand gong, bass drum)
  • piano
  • soprano (sung and spoken)
  • light baritone
Go Thy Way choral 2011

A short sacred benediction for a cappella choir.

a cappella choir choral Go Thy Way SATB SATB chorus, a cappella
Sarabande instrumental 2006

A neo-Baroque dance movement for solo piano.

Drunken Moon piano piano solo
Parachute Rag instrumental 2002

A ragtime solo for piano.

Parachute Rag piano ragtime piano solo
Люблю! (I Love!) art song 2013

Settings of love poetry by the great Ukrainian poet Олександер Олесъ.

art song cello commission I Love piano tenor Ukrainian vocal voice Люблю! tenor, cello, and piano
Just Out of Reach Suite art song 2011

Three excerpts from Just Out of Reach (“Metamorphosis”, “Berceuse for Benjamin”, and “Love Duet”) arranged for soprano, tenor, flute, and piano.

Berceuse For Benjamin Just Out of Reach piano soprano tenor soprano, tenor, flute, and piano
Furious Overfall music drama 2001

A monodrama for narrator and ensemble.

cello clarinet commission flute music drama narrator percussion piano Pierrot violin Pierrot-plus-percussion & voices
  • narrator
  • flute/piccolo
  • clarinet/bass clarinet
  • violin
  • cello
  • piano
  • percussion
Just Out of Reach music drama 2008

An evening-length multidisciplinary work incorporating music, text, and movement.

cello clarinet commission duet flute Just Out of Reach music drama piano Pierrot solo violin vocal Pierrot-plus-percussion & voices
  • 3 actors/singers
  • flute/piccolo
  • clarinet/bass clarinet
  • violin
  • cello
  • piano
  • percussion
Passacaglia instrumental 1996

An elegy for strings.

cello elegy Passacaglia string quartet strings viola violin string quartet
  • two violins
  • viola
  • cello